Bienvenidos a la Mision Chile Santiago Norte! We love the Savior, and are blessed to be part of this great work, to share His gospel, and invite others to come unto Him. We are grateful to have this incredible opportunity to associate with such fine young men and women and other couples who are serving in this wonderful part of the vineyard. We decided to share this mission through a blog, with any who would like to know more.... All of the lessons, talks, training, conferences, and meetings are obviously done totally in Spanish, but for the sake of this writer, the notes are here in English, for speed in typing, and therefore, mixed with a bit of both worlds. We hope all of our missionaries, families, and loved ones can enjoy this blog, in spite of the writing, grammar, language, errors, etc. This will be a miraculous journey, and we invite you to share and enjoy it with us.

Lovingly, con cariño,
Presidente Michael May
Hermana Carol May

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Master, We have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing; neverless at they word I will let down the net."

In Luke 5:1-11 we read that Jesus was in the ship of Simon Peter teaching the people who were on the shore. When he concluded teaching He asked Simon Peter to go out farther into the deep and throw in his nets. Simon responded, “Master, we have toiled all the night and have taken nothing; neverless at thy word I will let down the net.” Peter demonstrated some rebelliousness and lack of faith by expressing doubt and complaint in regards to doing the Lord´s will immediately and without complaining.

We may be like Peter in the fact that sometimes we think that we have already knocked this neighborhood or we have already asked this member for a reference. But we can learn from Peter and quickly let down our nets without complaint or doubt knowing that the Lord will show us through the Spirit where we need to labor. He knows where the people are waiting to hear the Gosple in your area just like He knew where Peter should put down his net.

After they let down their nets, they caught such a “great multitude of fishes that their net brake.” They called their partners in another ship to help them and they filled both ships so much that they began to sink.

This is an example of what can happen here in Chile if we are worthy to have the Spírit and we follow its promptings to find those whom the Lord has prepared to bring to the waters of baptism for a remission of their sins.

We love you and pray for your success,
President May
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not left in the dark!

Sunday night, while Prdte May was on his cell phone and we were together in his mission office here in the mission home, we were suddenly plunged into COMPLETE darkness. Not a flicker, not some static, or trickle, but ALL of the electricity was cut! We had power from his cell phone, to shine a bit of light, (I mean we were blinded, completely) even though he had no cell signal. We felt our way around the furniture, through the various rooms, calling out to our daughter, Sarah and hoping we could reach her to help.

She had quickly made her way down the stairs, carrying one of the packages we had left on the family room table of the new, mini 'flashlights" /battery op coleman lantern things, we had just bought on Saturday since we knew we needed more. We stood in my office, with cell phones for light, while she unwrapped and assembled the linterna. Then we went back to get more lights we had upstairs and proceeded outside to the PITCH dark. There were a few apt bldgs we could hear had their generators going, but no street lights, no neighbors lit up, etc. It was strange. We decided to get in the mission van we had for the day, and listen to the radio. It was considered a total 'BLACKOUT" as they said in English words. It covered from Antofogasta up north, to south Chiloe. They think it has come from the instablity of the quake that has caused problems in lines, connections, continuity within ALL of Chile. Chilelectra company was working quickly with the new Prdte while he was still working late in the Moneda bldg.on Sunday.

WOW. The people couldn't quite explain it, but again, we felt the power of NOT having power or control.

What is the Lord teaching us here in Chile? We, who like to have things in order, our structure and control, are being shown we are NOT in control of much. The people in Chile are being reminded that we have to look to GOD for our light, in all sense of the word. I believe that because Chile has a culture of earthquakes, they are so used to just picking up where they were, don't lose too much sleep over that last natural disaster, and just get back to work. They are so good at that, and are more resiliant that most people, I believe. However, maybe people are not remembering that this world is not based on our abilities, our hard work, or our desires. We ALL have to be willing to submit to whatever the Lord wants us to experience, and then also be willing to thank Him for what we have, including the trials and challenges that bring us closer to Him.

Elder May in Concepcion Mission tells us he was stranded about 2 hours from his home, doing a baptismal interview, with no buses running, etc. He and his companion, Elder Dalton prayed, and a family car came by, asking where they were heading. "CURICO, and we can pay you," they said to the family. They told them just jump in and of course, they find that the woman was miembro, menos activo! Here in our part of the vineyard, the blackout ended after we had gone to bed, after 11pm, but most of our mission had lights back on much sooner.

We did hear our missionaries report that the stars were even brighter that night, and many felt that they helped them see their way back to their departamentos. Another said that the temple had its generator lights come on immediately, and that they lit up the neighborhood so brightly, and even their own apartment. That had to be symbolic for us, again, the Light that the Lord is, and provides for each of us.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Phase 2/3 Training brings new insights.

Today we had the two groups of missionaries return to the mission home for their Phase 2 and Phase 3 group orientation/trainings. These are missionaries who are now in their second change, and third change respectively, and have been here 2 months or 3 months. Their Spanish is incredibly good, and parents would be amazed and happily surprised at how well they really can communicate and make themselves understood, in such a short time. These are some of their comments, in English, but the meetings are in Spanish now, after their first Fase 1 training:

H:"We found a lot of people in my first area, but they weren't progressing. We were sad. It was a real hard start for me. Now in this second change, we have felt the fruits of the work. We Baptised 4 people. We found 4 new people and they are really progressing quickly. I have to remember that they can progress and not forget."

S:"We were knocking on lots of doors and didn't have much success. Then in the street and woman finally lets us inside. She's not interested, but says there are lots of other people living in her house. Three in the house are interested, and then later, from those three, they gave us two more referrals. We always need to remember to ask for referencias, even if the person is not interested."

W:"Woman wasn't interested but gave us a referencia about her family member, and they had a son who told us he had been taught, but never was baptized. Now he's ready. Remember to ask for referencias!"

D: "Oscar...he is 70 yrs old, but has had 5 dates for baptism. We hope that for this next week it will be final. He had attended lots of other churches, and has been searching for the truth for many years. He has been reading the Book of Mormon, and now his wife is also interested, and they are reading together. This is milagros. They have 7 hijos, and 6 live nearby. The man says he wants ALL of his children to be baptized, sothey can all be together."

L: " This woman is 50 yrs old and as she let them in, she said she went to church in San Felipe 40 yrs ago, when she was 10. She had never been baptized, and always wanted a Book of Mormon, but never had one. Of course we gave her one. Now she reads every day and writes her thoughts and feelings in a study journal/notebook. She is hungry for more and reading everyday. She came to the Satellite broadcast, and said that when Elder Bednar spoke, she felt a powerful witness of Joseph Smith, and many answers to her prayers. She is thankful that God answers prayers with a strong spirit."
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Monday, March 8, 2010

What a blessing to hear from Our Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson

What a great blessing it was to be taught by President Monson, Elder Bednar, Sister Lant and Elder Foster in yesterday´s Stake Conference via Satellite. Inspired themes such as teaching so that those we teach understand the doctrine, obedience with exactness, receiving strength by drawing on the power of the Atonement, and our mission to come to the rescue of those in need are intended for us at this important time here in Chile. We have a great opportunity to invite many people who have now had their hearts softened to receive the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. However, in order to do so we must increase our faith in Jesus Christ so that we will recognize these people when we see them.

There is no greater way to increase our faith in Jesus Christ than through the strengthening power of the Atonement as taught by Elder Bednar in yesterday´s conference. It can make good missionaries better. It can give us the spiritual strength that we need to accomplish all that the Lord expects us to do. This doctrine is taught in Preach My Gospel:

“As we rely on the Atonement of Jesus Christ, He can help us endure our trials, sicknesses, and pain. We can be filled with joy, peace, and consolation. All that is unfair about life can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.” Pg 52

“Through the Atonement we can be freed from the burden of our sins and develop faith and strength to face our trial.” Pg 32 We learn how the Savior is able to do this in Alma 7:11-12

11 And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people.

12 And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities.

It is my testimony that through the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ that we can gain the strength to carry out this work of the Lord with greater faith in Jesus Christ, greater obedience with exactness to have the spirit in great abundance, and greater diligence so that many more of Heavenly Father´s children can enjoy the blessings of the great plan of happines He has provided for us.
We love you and we are inspired by your courage in challenging times,

Presidente Michael E. May
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Friday, March 5, 2010

2 Baptisms on the Day of the Earthquake!

We haven't had time to tell all of the missionaries yet, that YES, we had two baptims on Saturday, the day of the Earthquake!!! Felicitaciones! What joy for all, as we share in the Lord's joy bringing souls to Him.
Here is what we heard happened...

We had one baptism in San Pablo, and one in Los Andes. The zone leaders told us the details that a Father (his wife and children are ALL members, menos him) had been taking the lessons, had his baptismal date set for Saturday, Feb 27th, and as soon as the earthquake hit, he must have contacted the missionaries right away, told them he was determined to still be baptised and didn't want to wait, so a member of the ward went right down to the chapel and started filling the baptismal font about 4am, to ensure there would be water for this blessed event. The Lord has many people, faithful, repentant, and eager to be baptized. Now is the time, more than ever!
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EX-Elderes y Hermanas hold special Fast for Chile

We rec'd a wonderful email on Saturday, Feb 27th, from one of our previous Assistants to the President, Elder Brandon Stewart. He told us that he had rec'd many messages from other returned missionaries on Facebook. They were building a chain, contacting each other, for Sunday, to have a special fast for their great family in Chile. They said many had Chilean flags on their profile! Spanish/English:

"Mi corazón se alegró mucho al ver los mensajes de todos los ex-misioneros en Facebook. También recibí un mensaje de text de una ex-misionera en Utah reexpidiendo una cadena a todos los ex-Elderes y Hermanas para que mañana hagamos un ayuno especial por nuestra gran familia Chilena. Una cosa es cierta: hay muchas banderas Chilenas en nuestras fotos de perfil!" Thinking of all of our wonderful missionaries who have returned home praying and fasting for the work and missionaries here brought us again to tears. How blessed we are that these powerful missionaries are part of lives forever. He shared a great scripture we all recognize and love,
Alma 37:6-7
Tal vez pienses que esto es locura de mi parte; mas he aquí, te digo que por medio de cosas pequeñas y sencillas se realizan grandes cosas; y en muchos casos, los pequeños medios confunden a los sabios. Y el Señor Dios se vale de medios para realizar sus grandes y eternos designios; y por medios muy pequeños el Señor… realiza la salvación de muchas almas.
"Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise. And the Lord God doth work by means to bring about his great and eternal purposes; and by very small means the Lord doth confound the wise and bringeth about the salvation of many souls."

Thank you, Elder Stewart and all of you loving Elders and Hermanas who love Chile, for your love, faith and encouragement! Les amamos muchisimo!

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

After the quake, see their faces!

We have posted in large size, the fotos of each zone, so parents, families and loved ones can see for themselves, that their missionaries are happy, smiling and moving forward. These are located as you scroll down. These group shots don't portray the joy exactly that we all felt to finally be together again. Pretty important stuff.
Also, we are dropping into the 'LIFE in CHILE' portion of fotos below, to show the island fotos that Elder Mitchell brought home and shared with us. He wanted them to be on the blog so that all could see and understand what a loss we have felt. We will try to post some of the videos, if possible.

And here is the rest of it. Again, this entire section should be written inside of these two lines, the lines may be removed but the spaces between cannot be removed... If you have any problems let me know...
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Mission President institutes new Mission Rule

President May, after learning of the state of the missionaries within the Chile Santiago North Mission, and hearing of the extreme concern and worry from parents regarding their missionaries, implemented a new "Earthquake Clause." Parents had been calling, writing email, sending texts, calling SLC, and were extremely concerned for each of their sons/daughters in the mission. They wanted to send their love, "tell em we love em, please" and that they were praying and fasting for the missionaries all over Chile. Read on to hear of clause and see fotos below:

We went to visit each zone, in all of their sectors/zones and when we arrived to visit, President May told each zone that he has created a new Earthquake Clause/Rule that will be in his mission President manual for future reference. It is the following:
"Hugs are allowed, just today, not only the Chilean handshake and hug from President May, but also from Hermana May, passing on love and un abrazo fuerte, just this one time, to convey and pass along the love from ALL of their parents, mothers, fathers, aunts, Bishops, Stake Presidents, friends, ward members, etc, who are ALL wanting to send their love and concern." We were ALL overjoyed, as we need the therapuetic chance to express love, hug, share tears, smiles, and the missionaries told us that they felt like they really were receiving hugs and love from home. This type of "group therapy" might not have been taught to us as President and wife in the MTC, or even thought might ever be necessary, but in cases of 8.8 earthquakes, it is just what the doctor ordered. After tears, smiles, hugs and expressions of love, we all felt better, and know that the source of love originates with Jesus Christ. Next posting will describe what the missionaries expressed as they described what they were learning/feeling in this experience.

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What blessings and miracles we have observed

As we went around to each zone, to hug and love these great missionaries, we saw and heard their hearts full of faith. As you can imagine, the circumstances are so varied. Some zones still don't have lights, some just received water to their apartments (they all have water to drink), some are trying to wash clothes, others hadn't had showers in 2-3 days, since their water was on, then off, then off. Some wanted to shave, others to wash their hair....quite a bit like being at YW camp, or Boy scout camp for the week. But they are smiling. We noticed dirty rings around their collars and cuffs on their wrinkled white shirts, but they still looked so honorable and worthy to be servants of Jesus Christ that it brought me to tears. We KNOW He would be so honored and please to call them, "his friends." I saw dirty, dusty shoes, and it again pleased me to think that they are all earning their reward in the Lord's eyes, as they are literally 'walking in the Lord's footsteps here,' like Mos 15:14-18, 3Ne 20:40 or DyC 128:19 states, "how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those who bring the good news/GOSPEL....." These wonderful feet are carrying the Savior's best missionaries to the chosen and those prepared to follow Him. Here are some of the comments the missionaries shared with us, they are learning:

"How important to have our house built upon the Rock, not sand."
"I felt the Love of God for us"
"I noticed that the material things are NOT the most important, valuable things."
"We need to depend of God"
"I felt the love of my family"
"God loves ALL of His children"
"Urgency of God to bring us all to Salvation"
"Members showed us so much love, we felt it strongly"
"How much more I needed to be prepared."
"Follow the Holy Ghost"
"Listen to the prophet when he tells us to be prepared in all things."
"How Powerful God is and we are nothing without him"
"When it is so dark and hopeless, it always is better when we look to the LIGHT, who is Jesus Christ."
"Prayer is valuable and powerful"
"My prayers helped me feel the Holy Ghost's influence and guidance."
"When we were in line for water with many people, I thought they need Jesus Christ in
their lives, who is the living waters."
"How often he reminds us to repent, but we have to do it now, and not procrastinate."
"He humbles us to help us be saved. We need to be clean to do that."
"Scriptures say he will 'punish us' but spanish, Castigar, comes from Chastity
and that means purify, so he will purify, test us so we can be saved and sanctified."
"dark times made me want to look for the morning."
"All people here suffered this earthquake. The LOrd is no respector of persons, rich, poor, member, no member"
"He wants us to be more urgent and valiant to share our testimonies."
"Follow our leaders, in the mission too, when they told us have emergency funds and food, 3 months ago, we needed to listen AND OBEY!"
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

News from Easter Island/Tsunami and their Report

We just rec'd an email from our mighty couple, THE RUNDQUISTS, who are
serving so faithfully and valiantly on Easter Island. Elder Rundquist
is the Branch President there, and both were assigned to guide this little
flock and help inspire more to come back to activity. The Rundquists arrived
to our mission from Canada, with very little Spanish-speaking ability, but huge amounts of desire and willingness to be of help, share their testimonies, work hard,
serve others completely....and they are doing just that. We love them dearly,
and appreciate their incredible offering here in the Chile Santiago North Mission.
Here is their report:

Subject: News from Isla de Pascua
Hermana May, Just a little update and something for your blog. The
tsunami hit the east side of the island with only enough force to
throw big rocks up on the coast road. No flooding or other damage with
waves only 5 feet high. We are certainly a blessed little bit of
heaven here. I was talking to one of the local men, my landlord Camilo
Rapu, who told me of a legend of Easter Island that when it was formed
it was blessed that it would be a protected place where nothing would
happen and people who lived here would be blessed and protected.That
legend has certainly held true as there has been nothing happen here
at all. The only concern was for food supplies as planes from Santiago
bring those to us but the local merchants have plenty of food etc. in
stock and only get new supplies once a week. The airport says that
there will be no planes for 3 or 4 days so we are not expecting any
food or water problems at all. I have advised the members of our rama
to be aware of the need for keeping a food and water supply on hand
and they have told me that they always do, not so much for disasters
as for the fact that many times they shut the water off on the island
and you have to provide for yourself although not very long, perhaps a
day. We definitely feel the hand of the Lord in our lives here with
tender mercies everyday as well as a sense of total protection from
the difficulties that are being experienced throughout Chile at this
time. Our prayers are with all those in Chile who now need to trust in
the Lord more than ever that He will see them through this terrible
tragedy in their lives. We love you and so appreciate all the great
and marvelous things that are being done to further the work of the
Lord is this part of His vineyard.
Elder and Hermana Runquist
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Monday, March 1, 2010

Santiago, Chile Temple Experience, Post Terremoto

Cheryl Lyon, matron of the Santiago Temple in Chile. Her husband Ted Lyon is the temple president. Here is what she wrote:
"Thanks to all of you who have emailed your concern for us. We can state unequivocally that we're fine. We can also state with the same emphasis that riding through that quake in our rocking fourth-floor apartment was for me the scariest experience I've ever been through!

I was sure we were about to die - that either the ceiling would fall on us or that we'd collapse through the floor. It truly was an emotion I'd never experienced before. My whole body shook for the next two hours, and after that I couldn't stop crying.

We didn't even have the presence of mind to get out of bed during the quake. I felt paralyzed, staring at the ceiling and wondering when the earth would stop rolling. It was the longest two minutes of our lives! We could hear things falling out of cupboards, and pictures falling off the walls. But the sound and the movement was the worst.

Our sturdy building held up fine. Just lots of dust and a few broken dishes. But elsewhere, as I'm sure you've seen on the news, people didn't fare as well. Lots of damage. Virtually no stores open. Most parts of Santiago still have no electricity. Collapsed overpasses have closed major highways. The airport is closed because of damage, and planes have been rerouted to northern Chile or to Argentina. Our new missionary doctor was to arrive this morning, so I don't know where he and his wife have ended up.

What a joy to walk into the temple and find it in perfect condition. We just had to close a few drawers and straighten a few crooked pictures. It felt so good to be there in that peaceful refuge and find normality. Moroni did lose his trumpet, however! That was the only noticeable damage.

How grateful we are for how well the Church takes care of us. We've often thought the 24-hour emergency lights in our building were excessive, but we were surely thankful for them at 3:30 this morning as everyone was evacuating the building - including the missionaries downstairs in the MTC. It was so disconcerting to get out of bed in the dark and stumble over fallen items in the bathroom. We got just a taste of what the Haitians have suffered, though their damage and deaths have been so much more devastating, even though their quake a weaker one. So far here they're reporting 123 deaths, but we assume the toll will climb.

We had to decide what to do about the temple. We had every session booked for the day, and wondered if people would arrive. We met with one of Ted's counselors - who had arrived at 5:00 for the early shift, as faithful as ever - and our registrar. We knew it would be difficult for the employees and workers to get to the temple and there was not electricity at the time. One faithful laundry sister came a great distance to help, but there was no gas for the dryers, so she had baptismal clothes from last night lying out all over the laundry.

The temple has an emergency generator which roars into action the second the power goes out. But we learned that it runs on petroleum which lasts only four hours. By 8 a.m. we knew we were about to go dark again, so we made the decision to simply close the temple for the day.

Then, just in the second that the lights began to dim, the power came back on! (We've learned since that we're the only section of Santiago that has power yet.) So then we decided to hold just one session, since we had three out-of-town couples staying in the hospedaje who were expecting to receive their endowments and be sealed today. We mustered all the missionary couples, along with a group of faithful sisters who work the late shift on Fridays and then stay over for the Sat morning shift. We had a most moving morning. The quake had brought such a sense of unity to workers and patrons, and the Spirit was amazing. I've seldom had such a moving experience at the veil - with three consecutive young sisters who were receiving their endowments.

Right now we're sleep-deprived, and Ted has already gone back to bed. The stress has left us exhausted - but we're alive and well! We're still feeling aftershocks - called "replicas" in Spanish. They're reported about 25 of them. One just rolled by as I was writing this.

So, that's the report. After some rest we may venture out and about to see what we can see. Thanks for your love and concern."

Ted and Cheryl
President of the Santiago Temple
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We need our "Spiritual Tanks" to be FULL

In these challenging times that we are facing now, I want to put great emphasis in the importance to stand fast in doing the basic spiritual things. These can be times of instability and commotion where we have to maintain the calm and the focus in whom we are we and what is our purpose. We need to maintain even greater spiritually. We cannot leave the house with a spiritual empty tank neither a half-full tank. We should pray more fervently and with greater faith, study the scriptures and particularly the Atonement, with greater focus, and to be obedient with exactness to enjoy the company of the Spirit. In times of crisis the tendency can be to stop doing the basic spiritual things and become distracted. To inspire, to bless, to encourage, and to elevate others, we have to have our own spiritual strength. This spiritual strength comes for the consistency in our prayers, study of the scriptures, and obedience. Also, I want to invite you to record any spiritual experiences, impressions, and thoughts in your personal journals to recall for the future. We have seen the Lord´s hand in protecting and blessing us.

As a result of this earthquake, people´s hearts will be receptive to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We now have a great opportunity to step up our efforts to find these people who have been prepared. Please continue to prepare your investigators for baptism and work closely with your local leaders to coordinate baptismal services. We also have a great opportunity to render service to those in need.

In consequence of this earthquake, the hearts of the people will be more receptive to the Gospel of Jesus. We now have a great opportunity to elevate our efforts to find to these people that have been prepared. Continue please to prepare its investigators for the baptism and to work in good coordination with its local leaders for coordinate the baptismal services. We have also a great opportunity to yield service to the members and people in our areas.
We are praying for you. May the Lord bless you and continue to protect you!

We love you and are grateful for your dedication and service,
President May

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SLC reports on Church Response to Earthquake

SALT LAKE CITY 1 March 2010 Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Chile are actively assisting in relief efforts and determining how the Church can be of most assistance in the wake of one of the most powerful earthquakes of the last century. With over half a million Latter-day Saints living in the country, the Church has a substantial presence in Chile.

Local leaders and members began relief efforts shortly after the quake distributing food and water already located in Concepción. Early reports indicate three Church members have died.

Church leaders have identified that food, water, tents, blankets, hygiene kits and sleeping mats are needed to assist people in the affected region. Representatives of the Church in Chile have been in contact with the country’s Interior Ministry to determine how the Church can most appropriately assist in relief efforts. Emergency response personnel at Church headquarters are poised to provide assistance as appropriate.

“While any loss of life and destruction of great magnitude is a tragedy, we don’t anticipate that the situation in Chile will be nearly as devastating as what we’ve seen in Haiti,” said Lynn Samsel, director of emergency response for the Church.

Most Latter-day Saint meetinghouses in Chile fared well in the quake, though many are filled with dust. At least three meetinghouses suffered extensive structural damage, and another was severely flooded. A house that also served as a meetinghouse was swept away in the tsunami triggered by the earthquake.

Contact has been made with all missionaries. All are reported safe and many are assisting in relief efforts. Missionaries who are unable to return to their apartments are staying with members or in meetinghouses. While communication has been somewhat unreliable for local Church leaders, they have had their best success communicating through text messages.

The epicenter of the magnitude 8.8 earthquake was located off the central coast of Chile, causing significant damage in the nearby cities of Santiago and Concepción.

The shaking lasted about three minutes, buckling highways and snapping utility lines. Transportation, communication and electrical power were severed across much of the country. Chilean officials have confirmed more than 720 people died in the earthquake, with more confirmed casualties expected in the coming days.

An estimated two million Chileans have been affected by the earthquake, with at least 500,000 homes sustaining considerable damage. Dozens of aftershocks, some registering as high as 6.9 on the Richter scale, continued to rattle the region over the weekend.

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