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Presidente Michael May
Hermana Carol May

Saturday, October 4, 2008

President Zenteno's Talk about Obedience

Zone Conferences

We met in 2 groups for zone conferences this month. Presidente Zenteno from the Zapadores Stake spoke our 2nd day, and his thoughts were excellente. He spoke about Obediencia. He is a young counselor in the Stake Presidency, with a wife and 3 small children and only home from his mission 10 years, probably about 31 yrs old. He married his wife about 4 mos after he was home, and loved his mission. He shared this with our missionaries…..

He mentioned that President Hinckley said the following:

“Faith is the Power/ La Fe es el Poder
Obedience is the Price/ La Obediencia es el Precio
Love is the Motive/ El Amor es el Motivo
The Spirit is the Key/ El Espiritu es la Clave
Christ is the Reason/ Cristo es la Razon.”

• We should obey God of our own free Hill. D&C 58:26-29
• We should obey even when we don’t understand. Moses 5:5-6 Adam offered sacrifices, not knowing why, only that God had commanded it.
• God will prepare a way. 1 Ne 3:7, I will go and do what the Lord commands because I know that he will never give a command to the sons of hombres without preparing a way for them to accomplish it that He has commanded.
• No commandment is too big or too small for us too obey. Remember story of Naaman…
• Jesus Christ obeyed His Father.
o Juan 6:38, Matthew 26:39 Thankfully Jesucristo obeyed the will of the Father en all things and made possible the salvation for everyone.
• There are concequencias of obedience and disobedience. DyC 130:21, DyC 132:5
• Obedience will bring about Eternal Life. DyC 14:7, and DyC 76:6-10

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  1. Carol,
    You are doing such a great job with this BLOG. Thank you so very much for taking the time and energy to include us all in your marvelous missionary experiences. This three year journey will be a blessing to your family, and the rippling effect of your good works will be felt by hundreds, if not thousands. We love to check the blog site to see if there are any new postings, photos etc. This helps us feel so close to you and your family. Your family is always in our prayers.
    Tom, JoDee and girls