Bienvenidos a la Mision Chile Santiago Norte! We love the Savior, and are blessed to be part of this great work, to share His gospel, and invite others to come unto Him. We are grateful to have this incredible opportunity to associate with such fine young men and women and other couples who are serving in this wonderful part of the vineyard. We decided to share this mission through a blog, with any who would like to know more.... All of the lessons, talks, training, conferences, and meetings are obviously done totally in Spanish, but for the sake of this writer, the notes are here in English, for speed in typing, and therefore, mixed with a bit of both worlds. We hope all of our missionaries, families, and loved ones can enjoy this blog, in spite of the writing, grammar, language, errors, etc. This will be a miraculous journey, and we invite you to share and enjoy it with us.

Lovingly, con cariño,
Presidente Michael May
Hermana Carol May

Thursday, September 17, 2009

18 New Missionaries/ Elders, from the Provo, MTC

18 New North American Missionaries arrived from the Provo MTC on Tuesday. We love them already. I love to call each one the next day, to ask how their first 24hrs in the mission have been. The following are some of the comments we hear:

These are priceless thoughts and comments:

Q: What do you think of your companion?
A: “Muy buen” (N.American trying to say, ‘muy bueno,’ very good!)
A: “My companion is GREAT!:
A: “He is so great, I’m learning so much from him already!”
A: “Wow, my trainer is such a hard worker.”
A: “El es buenisimo!”
A: “I have to chase after him!”
A: “El es super bueno, muy capo.”
A: “My companion is so good. He had us make goals and we did them!”

Q: What do you think of Chile now?
A: "It's really great here!"
A: “I love it here.”
A: "Wow, this is like a great adventure!"
A: “It is so weird, nothing like I really imagined it would be.”
A: “I’m super excited to be here.”
A: "Loco here."
A: "Interesting...we are opening a new area, it's different than I thought."

Q: How did you sleep last night?
A: "Like a Baby, sound asleep when my head hit the pillow."
A: “Like a rock, hermana”
A: “I don’t remember anything.”
A: “I was out in like 5 seconds and dead to the world.”
A: “I woke up at 3am, freezing (he’s in coldest part of mission) and pulled another
blanket on and was OK then. I’m going to be fine, if I plan ahead.
A: “I’m tired. I have to run to keep up with my companion. He walks so fast.”
A: “I think I have a fever, plus I have a bit of a cough, but I feel great, no worries.”
A: “We can’t believe the time passes so fast and then it's morning.”

Q: What kind of things did you do here for your first day?
A: “I couldn’t believe it. We made 49 contacts in one day. It was great!”
A: "It's like being beat with a cold fish...hard work!"
A: "We made all of our goals for the day. It's fun making contacts."
A" "We ate lunch with members, soup, carne, arroz, all so delicious. I love the pan!"
A: “We had some lessons fall through, and other great ones where we really felt the spirit. It was so neat.”
A: "We met the Bishop, ward mission leader, members, and lots of contacts"
A: “We taught this perfect young joven. He is super, named Diego. He has a baptismal date now, and wants to come to church with us on Sunday. Yahoooo!”
A: “We taught some good lessons. The investigators are so innocent and want to believe. Plus the members who went with us are so faithful, it was great to see.”
A: “We visited some members, met some less actives, talked with lots of investigators. It is all interesting.”
A: “This is so good. We had some great lessons. We contacted for 2.5 hrs. Then we taught, then we teach more, and then gave more contacts. All is muy buen!” 

SAYING GOODBYE: “We love you, Elder…… Thanks for being here!”
“Tell the Presidente, hello.” “Give my best to the Prdte.” “Saludos a Prdte May.” “Have a great evening, Hrma, and tell Pdte I send my best.” “Gracias por llamar.” “Gracias por su amor y carino.” “I love you both too,” “Me too.” “Amor al Pdte.”

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