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Lovingly, con cariño,
Presidente Michael May
Hermana Carol May

Monday, August 9, 2010

Having a "Passion to Find!"

Yesterday Sister May and I went to a meeting in Colina. We went through a toll road. We paid the money to the lady who works at the tollbooth. At the same time we gave her a pass-along card and invited her to attend church on Sunday. She told us that lives in Colina and knows where the chapel is located. She asked us what time the meeting starts. We invited her to attend church next Sunday. She was very friendly with us. As we continued driving toward Colina, Sister May asked the question,"What do you think is happening in her life that makes her more sensitive to the Spirit? Is she reading the Bible? Has she had some type of spiritual experience? Is it her recognizing the need to have something else in her life? Is Heavenly Father trying to communicate with her in one way or another?"

In the zone conferences last week saw the DVD of Preach My Gospel about finding people. One of the missionaries spoke of the importance of having "a passion" to find people. For me, passion is constant. The passion for finding people to teach the Gospel is not something that we turn on and off.
Elder Maynes of the Quorum of the Seventy, shared this story:

“One day I was traveling in the car with the family during the summer holidays. I had to stop to fill up the car with gas. We stopped at a gas station. While filling the car, I saw two missionaries filling their car. I approached them without telling them that I was a member of the Church. They were friendly and I asked them where they were from and what are and they doing. They answered my questions and then said goodbye to me. I thought these two missionaries really missed an opportunity to share the gospel with me. It made me think whether they really understand their purpose.”

A sample of this passion to find is whether we are talking to everyone during our preparation day. Are we taking advantage of opportunities to talk to everyone when we go on the bus, do shopping, walk among the people? The Lord will bless us when we show love for all people in every moment of every day.

Now is the time to have this passion to find those who will follow Jesus Christ. I invite each of us to pray to develop the love and charity that will create in each of us "passion for finding" all of the time. In this way we can bring more souls to the Lord through baptism and magnify our purpose as missionaries.

We love you,
President May

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