Bienvenidos a la Mision Chile Santiago Norte! We love the Savior, and are blessed to be part of this great work, to share His gospel, and invite others to come unto Him. We are grateful to have this incredible opportunity to associate with such fine young men and women and other couples who are serving in this wonderful part of the vineyard. We decided to share this mission through a blog, with any who would like to know more.... All of the lessons, talks, training, conferences, and meetings are obviously done totally in Spanish, but for the sake of this writer, the notes are here in English, for speed in typing, and therefore, mixed with a bit of both worlds. We hope all of our missionaries, families, and loved ones can enjoy this blog, in spite of the writing, grammar, language, errors, etc. This will be a miraculous journey, and we invite you to share and enjoy it with us.

Lovingly, con cariño,
Presidente Michael May
Hermana Carol May

Friday, August 20, 2010

“Relatos de Exito” (success stories) from Newest Missionaries

Missionaries in Phase 2or3 have been here for 12 weeks, or are in their second ‘change’ cycle or third, respectively. As the meeting begins, any are invited to share something they have learned or witnessed in their teaching or personally that demonstrates success or miracles they are participating in and observing. Here are a few thoughts, shared anonymously:

Aug 20, 2010- FASE 2/3 Training
Elder M: “We have been teaching a 15 year old girl who is a daughter of a member. When we talked about serving a mission, she asked us the question, “Can girls serve missions too?” and we of course told her we have sisters/hermanas in the mission, who go at age 21 or older and serve for 18 months.
She told us, “I’d like to serve a mission too!” and she isn’t even baptized yet. That is how powerful the Holy Ghost is in testifying and prompting of the truth.”

Elder S: “This woman we are teaching as cancer a brain tumor. She wouldn’t get out of bed. She told us she felt not point to it, as she didn’t want to waste some of her time and energy if she was just going to die soon anyway. When she talked to us, her left had trembled and shook from the pressure from the tumor on her brain, I assume. I met her on my 2nd day in Chile. We began teaching her and just 2 weeks ago, she was baptized. Now she has hope, and feels happy. She has energy and doing many things. She knows she will die, but we will all die someday but now she feels happy, with hope and peace.”

Elder T: “This is not something I have ever seen or heard of before, but in our ward last month, there was zero/0 % home teaching in our ward. Incredible. We started working with some of the leaders in the ward, and they are enthusiastic to help. They began going with us to do visits, and we are making great strides. We even met a man who had been less active for over 18 YEARS! Now we are teaching him again, with his family. Miracles when the members step in and want to help, catching the influence they can be in the other ward members’ lives.”

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