Bienvenidos a la Mision Chile Santiago Norte! We love the Savior, and are blessed to be part of this great work, to share His gospel, and invite others to come unto Him. We are grateful to have this incredible opportunity to associate with such fine young men and women and other couples who are serving in this wonderful part of the vineyard. We decided to share this mission through a blog, with any who would like to know more.... All of the lessons, talks, training, conferences, and meetings are obviously done totally in Spanish, but for the sake of this writer, the notes are here in English, for speed in typing, and therefore, mixed with a bit of both worlds. We hope all of our missionaries, families, and loved ones can enjoy this blog, in spite of the writing, grammar, language, errors, etc. This will be a miraculous journey, and we invite you to share and enjoy it with us.

Lovingly, con cariño,
Presidente Michael May
Hermana Carol May

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sept 11th and some history of Chile

On ‘once de setiembre’ in Santiago, people typically head to their homes earlier in the evening, and hunker down with a bit of anxiety and apprehension, as they don’t know what might begin in way of destruction or vandalism. The teenagers or 20-25yr olds seem to feel that they have the right to commemorate the change in gov’t that happened back in 1973 with their own types of violence. -----------------On September 11th in 1973, the military which was then led by Augusto Pinochet stormed the presidential palace and seized power from president Allende, who was found dead soon after. A ‘junta’ headed by Pinochet was established, which immediately suspended the constitution, dissolved the Congress, imposed strict censorship, and banned all political parties. In addition, he embarked on a campaign of terror against leftists in the country, which as a result, approximately 3,000 Chileans were executed or disappeared and more than 27,000 were imprisoned or tortured and others exiled and fled the country. Now our Church Area Presidency has wisely warned us to have our missionaries return to their apartments early, by 8pm, to not be in the streets just in case some danger might arise. Our missionaries are totally obedient, and all were safely inside with no problems.This is just a simple prelude to the otherwise fabulous and patriotic, flag-waving celebrations that most Chileans feel so inclined to participate in for their Sept 18th Independance Day, that this year will commemorate 200 years; their Bicentenario. We are all looking forward to wonderful activities, events, dance presentations and songa by stakes, wards, branches, and communities. This is a wonderful and blessed country, and we are grateful to be here to share the greatest joy the Chilean people could have in their lives....the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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