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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ways to remember citations, memorize and mark Scriptures

During the month of October, Hermana May spent time with each missionary(after they had their private, personal interview with Presidente May)to ask them for their ideas about how they memorize,remember, mark their scriptures and what really works for them individually. One dear Elder shared with her that he had the most rainbow colored, elaboratly marked set of scriptures after about 1.3 yrs in the mission, only to have them stolen! He realized that he needed to have them marked in his HEART and not just on the pages in his books. This is what these insightful, masterful teachers shared during those special conversations;

Ways to remember and mark scriptures:
Personal insights from our magnificent missionaries! Oct 2010 .

• Remember stories, problems, answers used in the stories. Remember Chpt 5 PMG, questions of the soul.
• Read the BofM stories simplified to get better overview of all the stories
• Colors used come from chpt headings in PMG. Look for themes and topics from BofM and the Bible.
• Ask for the Holy Ghost to remind me what I read. Mosiah 2:41
• Look for something personal each time, not just the chapter topics to guide me.
• Try to summarize what I read in Personal study and record that in study journal.
• Remember/memorize the topic headings of each chapter!
• Topics in lessons from PMG
• Sharing the scriptures I just studied in personal study with my companion in our study.
• When I learn for an investigator, and teach it in that day, it stays with me better
• Simple codes and clues help
• Questions of the soul answer many needs
• Highlight or I put a color dot on each question mark and they stand out to me. This shows me when others are asking questions and their answers I can use too, for myself.
• Learn by the stories in the scriptures. Those stay with me, and I find them by stories.
• All of my scripture mastery are one color. Those I can find and I use them often
• I NEVER mark my scriptures! I remember by context, where the topics took place and that reminds me where they are to go look for them again.
• I share them somewhere, after I learn them. Make use of them, don’t just store away in book!
• I don’t like to mark them, or have them messy. I bold, write over the font in letters just the part I want to remember and stand out for my investigators to read.
• When I have personal experiences with them, I can use them again in topics or themes.
• I enjoy seeing when God reveals his character to us when He gives revelations.
• I use blank copy when I go out to teach. I have to prepare ahead, remember and ask Holy Ghost to give me the insight and reminder from my studies. (Brave!) Remember them by principles and who went through the experience, then I can find them.
• I like to think of where that happened in the history of the book.
• I read somewhere that if I REALLY want to remember them, I wouldn’t mark them. That is as if you are telling yourself that you stored that information in the book, it is saved there, and now I don’t have to store it safely in my brain! Wow, what a novel idea. Don’t just mark to save in book. Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
• Remembers a story when a 70 in the church lost his copy of B of M, he couldn’t get started reading again for days. He felt like the copy he had was his life one, and the new one wouldn’t help him as much. (Elder Gene R. Cook?)
• I use the same scripture a lot to have it stay with me. Jacob 4:1-3….why scriptures stay with us. (Elder Bruce R. McConkie started a new B of M each year!)
• Enjoy the scriptures. They give me treat. Like a real comfort. They teach me during my trials.
• Every day I have a new goal. I find a few that I like, and use them during the day, many times. I also site them when I teach them. Use different themes, and they come to you, the same scripture.
• I ask how they apply to my personal life. Why do I want to mark it? I think when the people look for help and strength from the Lord, I see they are blessed, by faith.
• I like to BOLD, write over the letters with ink, in Spanish. They stand out and reinforce the words to me, as I write over them. I love the stories. Mosiah 14:7-9. Its great. Let’s memorize it.
• I write in my journal how this applies to me. Text to me….I list by topics. Then I also prepare mini talks, with my companion, 3-4 scriptures by topic, with personal stories and testimony. Ready!
• My scripture mastery/dominio are all marked, also about baptism, and preguntas del alma.
• Lots of post-it notes, with thoughts about the doctrine. Roll play with companion using new ones.
• Later I walk with my B of M, blank copy in hand. I have to rely on the Holy Ghost to remind me which ones I need to share, and can’t depend on my crutch, marked scriptures in my pension.
• Use blank copy while teaching. I have to know where each person, new identity starts teaching and talking to find it in context. I use the guide in the back, when all else fails!
• I put them in by themes. Then after I know where one great one is, I scripture chain them, and mark in the margin the next leading one, go there, add another scripture in the margin and the chain leads me along in teaching!
• Read by the numbers, not just the context?
• Alma 33:23, use my agenda often to record.
• I like to re-read my lists often. They stay fresher to me, and then I can add new ones to it.
• It’s important for me to know the story/history, so I can remember who talks when.
• Read out loud, in voz alto! Reminds me where I am, in what context.
• Learn what I got from the story, not just reading. What principle, doctrine, and insight I learned new or need to apply to my life today. That helps me to remember why I am reading right there.
• If I go to find a scripture and can’t find it, I write the thought down, search for it at home, and then when I’ve had to go find and hunt for it, usually I then never forget it again. The trick is to not forget to write the thought down, or you forget to go look for it too.
• Remember by one word themes, Atonement, Faith, repentance, etc. I try to apply the scripture of the day in THAT day. It takes faith for me to share it sometime that day.
• Sometimes I try to put it to music, like memorizing it to a song. Difficult sometimes.
• I’ve worked on learning the 100 PMG citas. When you mark them you think you already know them so you’ve stored them with the marks. Not as effective.
• Coordinate the numbers with addition, subtraction, etc and that helps me to remember. I like numbers, digits, pages, etc. Coordinate them to remember. (Only if you do study in same language!)
• I know I have to be worthy of the spirit to have the conocimiento. Hechos 8
• Mark by themes and then the story.
• Start my studies with in-depth questions. I find the response and then label that. Pdte May had us read, “Living waters ” a talk by Elder Bednar changed my mission scripture study. Now I look for questions my real investigators have before I start, and then find answers. I look for doubts and find the answers. I find answers and think of their questions, this bridges connections, like he said. Read Alma 22-homework…Set a goal to use that scripture I'm learning 3x in one day.
• I look for doctrine, principles and applications and then see them in the stories. I daily write my impressions about it, so that the study isn’t just habitual.
• Color and line the number by theme. I use a song or make a rhyme like children’s songs-helps.
• I like using my English copy to search(Latin Elder) and search for topics.
• Read out loud. I love poetry and also drama performances. So the feelings of these people are more memorized and retained as I say them as if I were the speaker expressing these thoughts. It stays with my and I feel the spirit put the gospel into action.It helps me show love for them and teaching people, not just scriptures.
• I try to have a relation with each doubt or question, the answer from someone. Then I can relate them to each other.
• Memorize citas by the chapter headings.
• Like to think chronologically. Using inspired questions, I think of where the story took place, Alma-king Lamoni, and it helps me think of topics, service, spirit, needs, questions, doubts, etc.
• Scripture mastery always stays with me. I like to practice and use them too.
• I learn by the needs of others. DyC 20.
• Use the index and search with investigators
• I love the stories in the BofM and I review Chpt 3 in PMG MANY times. Repetition, I remember
• Go into the street with a blank copy, and ask the Holy Ghost to remind me and guide me in the thoughts and scriptures I need to share.

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